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______________________ General Introduction : ______________________ Anatoscope ( is a spin-off startup from CNRS and INRIA, which has developed a patented breakthrough software technology. With medical imaging, biomechanical models of patients can be automatically computed, ready for the simulation of motion and treatments. The personalized models are computed by warping generic models to patient imaging. Warping can also be applied to objects in contact with the anatomy, making the technology suitable for the automatic design of personalized objects such as braces and prostheses. The planned treatments can be validated using standard FEM software as well as Anatoscope patented numerical simulation tools combining articulated rigid bodies, soft tissue with muscle contraction, and contact between rigid or deformable bodies. Anatoscope has gained customers in the dental industry (prosthetics and orthodontics design - Biotech Dental), radiology (augmented imaging - EOS Imaging), and orthopedics (brace design - Thuasne, Ottobock). _______________________________ AnatoStream : Yes, we Stream... _______________________________ Anatoscope provides 3D CAD medical solutions via their custom streaming platform, allowing you to easily access a high performing application inside a simple web-browser. This platform, running on AWS, allows you to easily deploy, stream and manage any Linux based 2D/3D graphic application which needs a strong CPU and/or GPU. If you need to stream your medical software anywhere using an advanced graphic interface, feel free to contact us. Frederick Van Meer COO Anatoscope

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