AI for Health


I-Virtual provides an AI powered contactless solution that measures six physiological parameters, which turn any smartphones into a medical grade device. On the rise, the telemedicine world needs more tools to help the doctors go further on their diagnosis. I-Virtual offers a contactless solution that measures vital parameters (heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen saturation and stress level), Caducy. Caducy is the first European system to measure vital parameters contactless and to operate with a simple camera. It allows people to respect social distancing and to avoid any contact with the skin. Therefore, Caducy is of a real interest to prevent, diagnose or to have a follow-up of chronic disease by offering a simple solution, accessible to all and of medical grade accuracy. Moreover, this solution can be used for non-medical application such as wellness, sports, automation, biometrics measures and much more to come.

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