AI for Health


Sensome, a spin-off from Ecole polytechnique, developed AI-powered impedance micro-sensors to turn invasive medical devices into connected healthcare devices. Sensome enhanced medical devices can identify the biological nature of the tissue they touch in real-time, providing novel means of exploring the human body. Using these sensors, Sensome is building the world's first AI to support physicians in their decision making for stroke patients. By combining AI and sensor technology and integrating it into a neurovascular guidewire, Sensome’s first product, Clotild®, will categorize blood clots during ischemic stroke treatment to provide essential insights to physicians for their clot retrieval strategy. Clotild® is currently undergoing preclinical testing and will soon be used in a first-in-human clinical trial. Beyond stroke, Sensome's technology will help transform the current standard of care in neurovascular, cardiovascular and peripheral vascular medicine, as well as in oncology.

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