AI for Health

Nov 17 | 14:30 - 15:15

🇬🇧 What are the reimbursement pathways for innovative digital health technologies?

Room: Workshops


JUNIOR ROOM, 1ST FLOOR Presented by VCLS. Innovative digital health solutions are finding their way into routine patient care in the US and Europe. Different payers are starting to cover software-based healthcare products, just like they may cover pills and physician visits. But precisely which digital technologies get reimbursed and how? Is this a business model that could work for your product(s)? In this webinar, VCLS Market Access experts from the US and EU outlined the environment and possibilities for digital health reimbursement in key markets. The discussions will give an overview of the dynamic policy environments in the US, France, Germany and provide answers to questions such as: • What digital products are eligible for reimbursement? • What are the pathways to obtain reimbursement and the related challenges? • What role do new payment models play?


The speakers