Talks 2018

Discover what happened during our launch in 2018

Keynote - Emmanuelle Quilès

Speaker: Emmanuelle Quilès (Managing Director, Janssen France)

Keynote IA & Santé: Panorama des champs d'application

Speaker: Laurence Lafont (General Manager Marketing & Operations, Microsoft)

Keynote - Enjeux actuels et futurs de l'intelligence artificielle pour la santé

Speaker: Frank Le Ouay (CEO, Lifen)

Interview of Mounir Mahjoubi

Interview of Mounir Mahjoubi (Former Secretary of State for Digital)

Panel - Enjeux actuels et futurs de l'intelligence artificielle pour la santé

Speakers: David Layani (CEO & Founder, Onepoint), Isabelle Ryl (Deputy CEO for transfer, Inria), Guillaume Borie (CIO, Axa) and Franck Margain (President, Paris Région Entreprises) Moderated by Damien Gromier (CEO & Founder, Startupinside)

Keynote - AI for Health: a perfect alignment?

Speaker: Jean-Philippe Desbiolles (Vice-President - Cognitive Solution Team, IBM Watson Group)

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Startup Inside group is a leading ecosystem of experts in Open innovation, AI and Intrapreneurship operating in four countries to help Fortune 500 companies in their digital transformation.

Startup Inside gathers actors of the European Artificial Intelligence ecosystem in Health and Financial sectors by operating the AI for Health & AI for Finance clusters. Startup Inside contributes significantly to projects with positive impact by supporting the AI for Good initiative.

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We create the largest Artificial InteIligence event focused on the finance industry in Europe. A unique opportunity to gather the european AI ecosystem with hundreds of startups, research labs, banking & insurance companies. Discover the best of AI for finance!

September, 3RD 2019  >


We want to put the actors of the European Artificial Intelligence ecosystem at the service of a better world:  AI for Good.
Our missions: unite, inform and act.

NOVEMBER, 2019  >


Created in 2018 by Startup Inside, Artefact and France Digitale, European AI Night 2019 is a premier event for the business world, building connections between global brands and influential AI leaders.

April, 18th 2019  >


AI for Health is the leading European AI for healthcare initiative. We are gathering the ecosystem in Paris around incredible use cases, impactful talks, masterclasses, and an immersive demo-zone.

September, 5th 2019  >