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Marc Chevalier

Head of Bioentrepreneurship

Imagine Institute


I am currently Startup Program Manager at Institut Pasteur in the department of the Detection of Innovation at the Direction of Innovation and Tech Transfer (DARRI) at Institut Pasteur. I share my time in 3 main activities: detection of Innovation & Innovators, development of Entrepreneurship Awareness & construction of the Training Program for researchers. I also bring support to guidance for entrepreneurs & financing of innovation (in the scope of startup creation programs in relation with the ecosystem). Where I come from: PhD in Neuroscience, Post-doctoral experiences in USA & France, several experiences in entrepreneurship as a lead project manager or associate, Startup development project manager, Facilitator for the EdTech community development. Strong associative activity mostly based on network development for PhDs and Entrepreneurs, mixing Career insights & Startup development. Some receipes are the same even though it is not a matter to push everyone to become an entrepreneur but rather to focus on the motivation of each person to find the best route.

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