AI for Health by Artefact

ALLIANCE COVIDA coalition of public and private partners mobilized by the health emergency to serve patients and caregivers thanks to an alliance between AI and health.


AI for Health with its partners and members is launching the Covid Alliance to leverage Artificial Intelligence technologies during the covid-19 pandemic.


Data Exchange

Dawex team is mobilized to broadly make available pro bono the CODIV-19 Data Exchange to the large community of companies and organizations wanting to take part in the solution to this crisis. Participants will be able to exchange strategic and vital non-personal data to hinder COVID-19’s dissemination, fix the various business and economic disruptions resulting from the pandemic, and prepare for a better and stronger future.


The Collective CoData offers operational and voluntary support to develop concrete solutions using data and AI to help the actors who fight every day against the Covid-19 epidemic and its impacts.

The Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI)

The Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI) is the initiative for disruptive innovation to bring Europe in a leadership position in breakthrough technologies. It is powered by 3.700 leaders of Europe’s deeptech ecosystem in 23 countries. JEDI is launching Tech Grand Challenges to push the frontiers of innovation, with a radical method based on excellence, no geographical return, speed, highest expectations & bold risk-taking. Driven by humanistic values, a purpose-driven approach to solve major societal issues in environment/healthcare/digital/space through innovation.


Remote patients monitoring and clinical decision support for healthcare providers with COVID-19 patients: Accurate and timely identification of patients at high risk of cardiovascular and respiratory complications and hard cases Diagnostics and monitoring of side effects, cardiac dysfunctions and complications 24/7 remote patients monitoring, analytics and clinical decision support during recovery and rehabilitation.


During the health crisis, most hospitals have been facing a growing patient inflow, infected or not with the coronavirus. We provide an indoor guidance app on smartphone to orient patients in a healthcare facility depending on their symptoms.

Dr Warehouse

Dr Warehouse is a software aiming at making healthcare data accessible in a click in hospitals to bridge this gap. Dr Warehouse gathers all the available data in hospitals, structured as well as unstructured, inside a document oriented data warehouse


An observational study to define the clinical characteristics and predictive factors of the evolution of patients with SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 through the application of Artificial Intelligence and massive data analysis (Big Data). SAVANA EHRead (R) technology is based on the use of all the information contained in the electronic medical record (EHR), both free text and text from structured databases, through natural language processing and Artificial Intelligence.

Petal MD

The Petal MD medico-administrative platform can facilitate the management of your medical teams during the pandemic, or any other health crisis. Your COVID-19 care offering will be centralized, updated in real time and accessible from any device, giving you the data overview you need to make smart decisions. Through AI features, you will get the opportunity to optimize your medical staff and maximize patient access to care.


MIMs and partners build PandemIA: an explainable artificial intelligence platform to customize vaccination and treatment of COVID-19


In this global health crisis, healthcare systems and clinicians are overwhelmed by the number of patients and lack of reliable methodologies to assess disease evolution to improve patient treatment and anticipate bottlenecks in the healthcare systems. AI models, built on clinical records (diagnosis, treatment, outcome), radiology, laboratory, and demographic data can help predict prognosis, response to treatment, adverse events, public health risks, and other challenging scientific questions.

We issue this open call for partners to engage in Collaborative Science to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. 
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Cardiovascular Complications
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Prediction and Characterization of Immune Response

This health crisis calls on each of us to collaborate in solidarity to fight Covid-19.