AI for Health by Artefact

EDITION 20192nd edition


APRIL 17TH 2019
Quai d'Orsay


Opening conference

Emmanuelle Quilès & Damien Gromier

Innovating in French medical care and the adoption of AI technologies

Luc Soler, Jonathan Belcastro, Victor Ferrand, Jérôme Bourreau, Baptiste Perrin, Isabelle Hilali

Cross cutting issues between AI & Genomics

David Gruson

Development of a diagnostic tool for a rare disease: methodology & feedback

Margaux Gouysse, Bernard Iung

Cloud providers regulations, opportunities and limitations

Michel Paulin, David De Amorim, Alex Bouzari, Isabelle Ryl

How will AI benefit health professionals in their daily work through transfer learning

Andreas Cleve Lohman

The protection of data in research blockchain, anonymization & other tools

Pierre-Antoine Gourraud, Anna Rizzo

Putting power back into the hands of patients

Valérie Perruchot Garcia, Stéphane Bidet, Fabien Astic, 
Dr Clément Goehrs

Setting up an international Digital Health & AI research collaborative

Stefan Germann, Amandeep Singh Gill, Ilona Kickbush, 
Maryne Cotty-Eslous

How to address the skills challenge to leverage AI in Health

Laurence Lafont

Live feedback on AI to help medical prescription

Racha Abu El Ata, Emmanuel Bilbault

Investing in AI & Health timeline for opportunities and meaningful impact

Louisa Mesnard, Sacha Loiseau, Filippo Monteleone, Stephane Guinet, Antoine Zins

Using real world data in drug discovery and development the role of AI

Simon Lovestone

What are the new uses of AI in imaging

Nadim Michel Daher, Stéphanie Allassonniere, Gaspard d'Assignies, Nicolas Villain, Christian Rapin

Digital Medicine

Damien Gromier, David Guez

Biomedical engineering and its applications an academic perspective

Abdul Barakat, Olaf Mercier, Jesse Read

Health Data Hub Keynote

Emmanuel Bacry

Focus Oncology & AI

Pascale Flamant, Nikos Paragios, Pierre Fillard, Meriem Sefta, Pr Fabien Reyal

Use cases on Oncology & AI

Celine Heller, Stéphanie Trang

Unplanned hospital admissions prediction, adverse events using AI

Mathieu Ortala

New business model health & wellness

Béatrice Falise-Mirat, Edouard Gasser, Caroline Noublanche

Novartis Keynote

Luca Finelli

AI for Health Challenge Awards Ceremony 1,500,000€ grant

Pr Nathalie Lassau, Pr Jean)Yves Scoazec, Alexandra Dublanche, Stéphane Roques, Damien Gromier

When mathematics reinvents neurology

Stanley Durrleman


The future of transforming healthcare and life sciences

Craig Rhodes

AI: New tool inclusion?

Corentin Voiseux, Charles Lenay

How to manage a Data Science project in Health

Pierre-Julien Grizel

Development of a diagnostic tool for a rare disease: methodology & feedback

Margaux Gouysse, Bernard Iung

AI at the service of traumatology

Christian Allouche

How Moovcare Poumon allows a large-scale early detection and improves patient's survival rates?

Alain Livartowski

AI in Health: health actors, tech companies...which role for whom?

Antoine Denis, Laurie Vauxel, Ghislaine Alajouanine, Dr Line Kleinebreil, Dr Jean-François Thébaut

AI in Health: health actors, tech companies... which role for whom?

Antoine Denis, Laurie Vauxel

Comment partager des données personnelles de Santé en sécurité?

Olivier Breillacq