AI for Health by Artefact


With 12 years of experience and partnerships with Microsoft (HoloLens), Meta (Meta Quest), Magic Leap (Magic Leap 2), and Trimble, Synergiz is recognized as the key player in Mixed Reality/Augmented Reality in France and internationally. As a reseller, integrator, and developer of its own software solution (Synergiz Harbor), Synergiz supports you in the design and implementation of your MR/AR projects in the fields of healthcare, manufacturing industry, education and culture. More precisely, Mixed Reality / Augmented Reality have the potential to enhance the quality of medical care through various means: - Enhanced Training: These technologies can maximize the training of healthcare professionals by providing step-by-step guidance with real-world information. - Efficient Knowledge Sharing: MR and AR enable the simple and accurate sharing of expertise among medical professionals. - Error Reduction: By offering real-time support, these technologies help minimize the risk of errors during medical and surgical procedures. - Streamlined R&D: MR and AR facilitate the creation and research and development process. They empower teams to manipulate 3D prototypes and seamlessly integrate them into their working environments.