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Quinten Health

A pioneer in real-life patient simulation, Quinten Health (QH) helps healthcare manufacturers, regulators, payers, and institutions develop more effective and more valued therapies faster and at lower cost. Quinten Health's approach is powered by: - QH’s unique expertise in real-world data science, predictive disease modeling, machine learning and statistical modeling proven over the past decade, - QH’s network of KOLs, medical experts, regulatory/HTA partners, academic pioneers. By developing regulatory-grade patient-centered disease and care models and patient simulators, Quinten Health's innovations transform drug development, valuation, and evaluation. Quinten Health, headquartered in Paris, France, is a fully-fledged spin-off of the Quinten Group. Quinten Health is a growing team of over 50 real-life data scientists, engineers, statistical modelers, epidemiologists and biomedical scientists and consultants.