AI for Health by Artefact

🇬🇧 Deep RWE, the landing of AI on research

Nov 17, 2021 | 3:30 PM CET - 3:55 PM CET


Dr. Ignacio Medrano will deep-dive into the value of Real World Evidence, the true heart of AI for research, and will bring some key learnings about it, among them : - Artificial Intelligence & machine learning are about seeing correlations beyond human capabilities; thus they are disrupting industries and institutions - In Healthcare AI we are already seeing robust evidence (and approvals), even when clinical trials are yet missing - Interesting data layers to generate AI are: sensors, genome and imaging - But a most remarkable one is Electronic Medical Records, which thanks to Natural Language Processing allows agile RWE generation (success cases) - Ethical thinking and the right questions are needed in the inevitable AI environment