AI for Health by Artefact

🇬🇧 Talents, training... and AI: is tomorrow's healthcare ready?

Nov 17, 2021 | 2:55 PM CET - 3:20 PM CET


The digital transition of the health sector represents an opportunity for the emergence of new technologies and the improvement of the quality of care. Among these technologies, Artificial Intelligence is today omnipresent in radiology in order to face major new challenges such as the ageing of the population, the more systematic use of imaging for prevention, diagnosis and follow-up, and finally to respond to the surge in the number of images produced by increasingly innovative equipment. This technology is now clearly called upon to reinforce the evolution of medical practices, to support our health system and its innovation model. For this development to benefit everyone, it is necessary to know the basics and to ensure effective access to artificial intelligence solutions and to define an appropriate ethical framework for their applications. It is therefore necessary to train physicians on the general concepts of the design and operation of artificial intelligence-based tools, so that they can evaluate them for use in clinical routine.