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Marc Julien




Marc Julien is co-CEO of Diabeloop, an independant medtech developing innovations for people with diabetes. Marc Julien has 25 years experience in strategy consulting for internationally renowned groups such as Eurogroup (France & Poland) , L.E.K Consulting (UK) and Monito Deloitte. He has led over 30 transactions projects (acquisitions, divestments, partnerships)essentually in technology and sofware, for the Fonds Stratégique d’Investissement (BPI) and for Econocom and Schneider. He has supported the development of over 50 companies 5 of which he joined as board member. Marc Julien graduated from both School of Mines and INSEAD. He is a member of the SME Council of Minalogic and the Board of France Biotech.

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