AI for Health by Artefact


Raphaël-David Lasseri (PhD)

Magic LEMP



Raphaël-David Lasseri, PhD in theoretical physics, is the president of Magic LEMP. Once his PhD completed, being deeply convinced that researchers must get involved in a concrete way in the industry, he co-founded Magic LEMP with three friends from Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay. Since then, he dedicates himself to build a transdisciplinary approach of innovation by making connections between topics and specialties, in order to design innovative solutions to complex problems for the clients of Magic LEMP. In particular, he leads a collective effort of constructing explainable AI solutions in diverse fields, including health, insurance, legal edition, robotics or even music. He is currently both entrepreneur and researcher (LRC Méso) at the frontier between AI and physics. He is also associate editor of the journal European Physical Journal, in charge of deep learning-related papers. From the beginning of the Covid crisis, he led Magic LEMP towards the frontier between innovation and health, starting with a service that optimises the management of hospital supply stocks. This commitment evolved and resulted in the project CAPRICORN, which uses explainable AI to boost research and treatment of some lung cancers.

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