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Pr Joan B Soriano

University Hospital La Princesa

Senior Scientist and Medical Epidemiologist


Medical Epidemiologist at the Dept. of Respiratory Medicine of Hospital La Princesa-UAM in Madrid, Spain. He is Chair of the Epidemiology Assembly of the ERS up to 2021. He spends most of his time dedicated to research on COPD and other respiratory conditions, aging and tobacco, the design of new clinical trials and translational Medicine. Since 2007 he is Associate Editor of the European Respiratory Journal and since 2012 of the Lancet Respiratory Medicine, and peer reviews extensively for others. He has 300+ publications in PubMed in the fields of clinical epidemiology and treatment of respiratory diseases, and a SCOPUS Hirsh index of 72. In May 2011 he received the Josep Trueta Award for scientific and medical achievements, and in 2014 he was appointed FCCP from Chest and Foundational Fellow of the ERS (FERS). Joan is an active, close collaborator of SAVANA's machine leaning and big data expertise with ongoing research in COVID-19 and else. Just like many other, since February 2020 Joan has suffered a covidization of his research (PMID: 32719486).

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