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Dr. Nicolas Golse

BOPA Chair (Augmented Operating Room)

Hepato-Biliary Surgeon


Nicolas Golse, MD, PhD, is 37 years old and is a hepato-biliary surgeon at the Hepato-Biliary Center of Paul Brousse Hospital. After beginning his training in the digestive surgery and liver transplantation center of the Croix-Rousse in Lyon, he joined the team of Pr Adam and Pr Vibert in 2015. He will soon be nominated MCU-PH. His H-Index of 16, with more than 60 international publications, and his SIGAPS score of more than 800 testify to his investment in many fields related to liver surgery: transplantation, portal hypertension, primary hepatic tumors, research of risk factors... Under the supervision of Prof. Vibert, and in collaboration with INRIA, he has completed his PhD thesis on the theme of digital twins, with the development of multi-scale, patient-specific computer models. In addition to his fundamental research, he is leading several clinical studies (in preparation): liver transplantation with small auxiliary left graft and total hepatectomy in two stages (PHRC INCA 2020, "Rapid" strategy), validation of a prediction algorithm of graft steatosis by portable spectrometry, ambulatory laparoscopic hepatectomies with follow-up at home by connected domomedicine tools (Hepadom protocol) Finally, within the BOPA Chair, he supervises the Wave blok (in particular the use of fluorescence in liver surgery) and the Avatar blok (in particular the development of intraoperative augmented reality).

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