AI for Health by Artefact

Accelerating the future of health 
through collaboration

Accelerating the future of health through collaboration REPLAY

Janssen Digital Solutions 
Quickfire Challenge

DIGITAL EVENT DECEMBER 9th, 2020  - 4:00pm (CET)

Accelerating the future of health through collaboration

New solutions are needed to help physicians provide effective personalized care and unlock the future of healthcare. But while the need for change is clear the road to commercially scalable and sustainable solutions isn't.

This is not something one player can do alone, which is why, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, facilitated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation, together with the Paris Brain Institute (ICM) and AI for Health are hosting this digital event.

We will explore the challenges at the cutting edge of innovation face today, how companies can get the right kind of support they need to help maximize their potential and hear from those already working together to make this happen.


Introduction from AI for Health

SESSION 1: Pharma outlook on the future of healthtech and how best to collaborate with the wider ecosystem 
with Maria Raad, Vice President, Digital and Customer Strategy, Janssen Pharmaceutica EMEA
Emmanuelle Quilès, Managing Director, Janssen-Cilag France

SESSION 2: Collaborations in practice - Leveraging AI patient records
a real case collaboration between Janssen and Codoc

SESSION 3: State of innovation and challenges to reunite all the actors of the Healthtech ecosystem
a conversation with Catherine Boule, Managing Partner, Karista 
Julien Elric, Incubation Manager, iPEPs
Stephanie Trang, Managing Director, AI For Health

SESSION 4: Announcing the awardees of the Janssen Digital Solutions Quickfire Challenge 

SESSION 5: Janssen Digital Solutions Quickfire Challenge showcase
hearing the future from those at the cutting edge

Conclusion from AI for Health